James Lovell. Commander, Apollo 13.

James Lovell

Captain James Lovell (USN) has the distinction of being the only man to have flown to the moon twice but not walked on it.

Lovell flew in space four times, on Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8 and Apollo 13.

As Command Module Pilot on Apollo 8, Lovell was one of the first three men (the other two were Frank Borman and William Anders) to leave earth orbit and head for the moon, and in the process became the first people to see the earth in its entirety from deep space. But it is for his courage and determination with fellow crew members Fred Haise and Jack Swigert aboard Apollo 13 that he is best remembered. When a cryo tank exploded on the transit to lunar orbit it was Lovell who spoke the immortal words “Houston, we have a problem.” It quickly became clear that there would be no moon landing, and the aim of the mission moved to survival and returning to Earth alive. Lovell was played by Tom Hanks in the Hollywood film Apollo 13.

This photograph was taken at the Royal Society in London, March 2010.