Sergei Krikalev. Cosmonaut.

Sergei Krikalev

Sergei Krikalev is a Russian and formerly Soviet cosmonaut who has the distinction of having spent more time in space than any other person alive.

Over the course of six missions (Soyuz TM-7, Mir EO-4, Soyuz TM-12, Mir LD-3, STS-60, STS-88, Soyuz TM-31, Expedition 1, STS-102, Soyuz TMA-6, Expedition 11) Krikalev has been on the Space Shuttle, the Soyuz launch vehicle, the Mir and International Space Stations, and has clocked up 803 days, nine hours and 39 minutes in space – nearly 2 and a quarter years in total.

This photograph was taken at the International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, October 2008.