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Useful links.

People often ask if I can recommend manufacturers or service providers, and not always related to photography. I have been fortunate over the course of my career to develop many useful contacts and I am happy to share them here.


For buying and selling used equipment MPB are brilliant. No nonsense, excellent service. For new equipment there are a range of places worth checking out. Wex Photo are one, and Park Cameras are another. For darkroom and presentation supplies you cannot beat Silverprint. Colour Confidence for monitors and colour management systems. There are several options for photographic paper and media supplies: DPSB, Tetenal and BMG, as well as the online paper company. For website ecommerce solutions The Image File are the very best – I am not kidding: their customer service is the standard to which all organisations should aspire! As for the equipment I use: Nikon Fuji Bowens Rotolight Manfrotto Wacom Epson are just a few. For software I recommend Adobe for their Creative Suite, Topaz, Capture One Pro, Fundy, Colorbyte for their spectacular ImagePrint RIP


Photography is what I live and breathe, but it is also a business, and I could not succeed without the other organisations that support me. Screen Savers PCS Ltd provide my IT support including hosting this website, my email systems and much more besides. I recommend Code 42 for their CrashPlan system. Rainbow Office Supplies for all manner of supplies (not all of them obvious)