Stories & Projects

Over the course of my career I have undertaken a number of photoessays and stories. Some are the result of commissions, while others are self-initiated. Some are predetermined, and some happen organically as I look back on my body of work.

To be a photographer is to be a visual story teller. There is a tendency to think of documentary photography to be solely about negative news stories – war and natural disasters. But it can be so much more than that. It can be about farming, healthcare, scientific endeavour, even car parks. Just as with written stories the photographer as author should look to create a visual narrative which engages an audience. Photoessays and stories should educate, challenge, inspire and encourage people to look at the world about them in a new light. A series can encourage the audience to see both the similarities between difference things, and the differences between subjects that at first glance appear to be the same. Ultimately my aim is to celebrate the world around us.

This section of the website is very much a work in progress, updated with more photoessays and stories and projects as and when I get the opportunity.