Schools & Events

Event and schools photography

Event photography is increasingly popular, with American style High School Proms growing in number year on year, and traditional events like Ladies’ Nights as popular as ever.

Whatever you are planning, a photographer can enhance what will already be an exciting event. Michael Cockerham Photography can provide services to meet all your needs, including state of the art green screen technology and instant on-site printing solutions. Our team can attend your event, photograph individuals, couples and groups in front of a chromakey green background, with the image instantly viewable on a large screen, and customised background images and text inserted at the push of a button. If you want a print it’s yours… in just twenty seconds!

We have a number of pricing options available depending on what you want to achieve with your event. Contact Michael for availability and further information.

Similarly Michael Cockerham offers bespoke solutions for schools photography, with 20 years’ experience providing portrait pack shots, class photographs, year photographs, and even entire schools.

Schools photography may not be ground breaking, but that is no excuse for dull unimaginative photographs. Nevertheless the key to effective schools photography is careful planning and good logistics – a thousand portraits in a day is not unreasonable and they all need to be tracked, traced and secure, with the minimum imposition on the school’s administrative staff, and minimum disruption to classes.

Each school is different, so each solution has to be tailor made. Please get in touch to see how changing your school photographer could bring better results.